Studio Star (Roll Up Shutters)

     The Studio Star Shutter is the most unique shutter manufactured in the world. Design for HOA restricted communities. Technology and engineering that goes into each shutter has been tested and developed over the last 35 years throughout this continent and all of Europe. All of the special components have been designed specifically for the shutter system including the drive mechanism and the slat extrusions. Slide locker technology had to be engineered to maintain curtain stability and continuously hold the true shape of the shutter.


      Studio Star, every homeowner can now protect every opening from the elements with a rolling shutter product. Arch-topped windows, trapezoidal shaped windows and even rectangular openings with little room at the top for normal shutter housing can all be covered to give the home a uniform appearance

Alutech’s Studio Star shutter provides protection for openings of different shapes. They are ideal for triangular, arched, and unusually shaped windows. 

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum RCE-40 slat profile

  • Electrical motor operators with special clutch and break attachments

  • All curved arch tops are CNC machine bent to ensure PERFECT FIT and NO CUT AND WELD MARKS

  • Die cast aluminum end caps with special entry guides

  • Attractive 45 degree, 2-piece shutter housings

  • Powder coated paint finishes on all exterior components

  • 5 standard colors: white, light beige, cream, brown. and custom colors available

  • Engineered pulley system for guidance of lift cable


  • Cover any shaped opening regardless whether triangular, arched, or trapezoidal.

  • Storm and hurricane protection

  • Protects all openings from driving wind and rain damage

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Protects non-rectangular windows with rolling shutters

  • Increased insulation factors

  • Increased property values

  • Reduced insurance premiums

  • Sun protection and shading